Automatic Cold Glue Guns

Used throughout the packaging industry to erect and seal cases as well as in palletizing items for shipment, cold glue is a water-based adhesive that offers excellent bonding properties. Automatic cold glue gun applications are also commonly used by companies involved in mailing and labeling, in woodworking and cabinet-building activities, and are also used in converting applications where two substrates are bonded to create a single substrate.

Unlike manual cold glue applicators that offer imprecise, inconsistent amounts and patterns of adhesive, automatic cold glue guns allow companies to enjoy all of the benefits of a water-based adhesive along with the uniformity provided by an automated application system.

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Cold Glue Bead / Dot Gun

Low cost cold glue bead or dot gun for the extrusion of low to medium viscosity water based adhesives.

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DH12 Contact Glue Gun

The DH12 Series Pneumatic Applicators are an excellent choice for use with water-based adhesives in a broad range of applications.

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V-Spray Valve

Versatile double acting spray valve with a sealed tip and low air consumption.

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XTC Automatic Spray Gun

Excellent finish quality with a modular design. Provides superior atomization for automatic HVLP and air spray applications.

The Benefits of Automatic Cold Glue Guns
Automatic cold glue guns have a variety of benefits, including:

  • Speed: Although cold glue has a longer set time, cold glue equipment is actually able to cycle at high speeds with accuracy.
  • Accuracy: Automatic cold glue guns offer good pattern accuracy in application, allowing them to be used in a variety of assembly tasks.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Compared to the costs of hot melt consumables, the water-based adhesive used in automatic cold glue gun equipment is considerably less expensive, sometimes cutting consumable costs by 50 percent. Additionally, automatic cold glue gun equipment is similarly priced at a reasonable amount.
  • Suitability for porous substrates: Perfect for porous substrates like paper or wood, cold glue leaches into the substrates, causing the bond to go beyond the surface without creating a bond line that may detract from the look of the finished product.
  • Ease of maintenance: These adhesives are soluble in water. This makes for easy clean up.

Are Automatic Cold Glue Guns Right for Your Application?
Is an automatic cold glue gun system the best for your packaging, sealing or woodworking needs? Or is there an alternative adhesive that would provide you with a more cost-effective solution? Glue Machinery Corporation’s Glue Diligence program is designed specifically to help you determine the best adhesive for your unique application. Get in touch today at 888-202-2468 for more information.