High Performance Bulk Hot Melt Tanks

Hi-Flow Hot Melt Tanks Keep Your Production Line Up and Running

With Glue Machinery Corporation’s high performance, hi-flow hot melt tanks, keeping your production line humming along has never been easier. Our simple, low-cost bulk hot melt tanks are designed to keep the adhesives in your hot melt equipment at optimal levels, helping you achieve maximum productivity and minimal downtime. Backed by our 50+ years of experience and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we’re able to produce the highest quality hot melt equipment in the industry, delivering durable, dependable products used for a variety of critical applications.

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1 EconoMelt™ 10 Hot Melt Tank

EconoMelt™ 10 Industrial Hot Melt Tank

Simple, low cost industrial hot melt tank with 10 lb capacity tank, high flow piston pump ability to operate one hose and handgun or one hose and automatic gun.

2 economelt-10-2_a100

EconoMelt™ 10-2 Hot Melt Tank

Simple, low cost industrial hot melt tank with 10 lb capacity, high flow piston pump, ability to operate with two hoses and handguns or automatic guns.

3 20-4 cover

EconoMelt™ 20-4 Hot Melt Tank

Simple, low cost industrial hot melt tank with 20 lb capacity, high flow piston pump, ability to operate with four hoses and handguns or automatic guns.

7 Dynamelt™ GC Series

Dynamelt™ GC Series – Adhesive Supply Unit

The Dynamelt™ GC Series adhesive supply unit is the largest capacity melter offering maximum adhesive output. Two critical factors in choosing the right ASU for your operation are melt rate and pump rate. Both are maximized in the GC Series for optimum performance. The GC Series melter can also accommodate a large variety of pump sizes and configurations, offering even greater flexibility.

Bulk Hot Melt Tanks Manufactured to the Highest Standard

When you buy a hot melt system, you’re doing more than just making a simple purchase … you’re investing in your company’s success. Your hot melt equipment likely plays a key role in your manufacturing or packaging process, so it’s essential that the equipment you choose is durable, easy to use and efficient.

At Glue Machinery Corporation, we manufacture all of our products in-house at our world-class Baltimore, Maryland facility. With expertly staffed assembly areas, our Glue Diligence lab for product testing, and our parts and service centers, we have the resources to manufacture the finest hot melt equipment in the industry. All of our adhesive equipment is designed to meet the strictest quality and safety specifications.

50+ Years of Proven Experience

For more than 50 years, Glue Machinery Corporation has been the trusted name in adhesives. The world’s leading manufacturers turn to us for their hot melt needs, including Coca-Cola, Toyota, 3M, Sherwin-Williams, NASA and countless others across all industries. Our experience and expertise have proven to be valuable assets to companies of all sizes.

Glue Diligence: An Easier Way to Buy Hot Melt Equipment

When you choose Glue Machinery Corporation, you’ll have a team of experts devoted to ensuring you enjoy a simple, satisfactory experience every time. Our Glue Diligence service provides you with careful analysis of your manufacturing environment and personalized recommendations for the right hot melt machinery and adhesive equipment for your specific needs. Choosing the right hot melt equipment has never been so easy!

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