3 Lesser Known Applications for Industrial Hot Melt Glue

Even though hot melt glue is commonly used in manufacturing and binds many products available in stores, most people aren’t aware of its numerous uses. In a casual conversation, the term “hot melt glue” might immediately evoke imagery of arts and crafts projects that require the use of a hot glue gun. This common misconception couldn’t be further from the truth. Industrial hot melt glue serves various purposes and is the go-to choice for manufacturers, who benefit from quick-drying times and the ability to ensure a durable adhesive. 

cereal boxIndustrial Hot Melt Glue Applications: Cereal Box and Frozen Food Packaging 

For over 30 years, hot melt glue has been used for sealing cereal boxes and frozen food packaging. When PUR hot melt hit the market, it became a favorite due to its reliable ability to adhere to food packaging and withstand environmental elements, including shifts in temperature during transport and frozen food sections at your favorite grocer. For most cereal boxes and frozen food packages, you can generally assume that the packaging material is bound together by industrial hot melt glue. 

footwearThe Footwear Industry

This one might be a big surprise. Did you know that the insoles of your shoes are bound together by industrial hot melt glue? Hot melt glue can bind accessories to sneakers and even adhere foam to the interior of your shoes! You can quite literally think of industrial hot melt glue as the glue that binds your boots together throughout all of your adventures, wherever you may be headed to. 

car interiorThe Interior of Vehicles 

Hot melt glue is commonly used to bind together components of vehicle interiors! From buses to cars, it’s an ideal choice for mounting trim and applying other small parts within the interior of a vehicle, especially since it can withstand extreme temperatures during hot summers and even colder winters. For companies that are considering hot melt for vehicle interiors, it’s a top choice due to its durability. 


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