Benchtop Handsfree Hot Melt Units used in Packaging

Any time packages are assembled with hot melt adhesive manually you should consider whether or not you can apply the hot melt without having to pick up a hot melt handgun.

This is done with a “Handsfree” Benchtop hot melt system. Simply position the carton, small case or other component under the nozzle of the  Handsfree Benchtop hot melt system, actuate the unit with the included foot switch, apply the hot melt where needed on the package, release the foot switch and fold and compress the flaps of the product.

Using the Handsfree Benchtop hot melt system rather than a hot melt handgun accelerates the packaging process by eliminating the handling of the hot melt handgun. It also greatly reduces exposure to the hot melt by eliminating the need to touch the gun.

Some of the Handsfree Benchtop hot melt systems used in packaging offer a timing package that cycles a precise metered shot of hot melt onto the package.

Handsfree Benchtop hot melt systems used in packaging applications can increase the speed of production by as much as four times and also are considered far more ergonomic.

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