Hot Melt Drum and Pail Unloaders Benefits

Updated: May 30, 2019

The use of a drum or pail unloader can offer the following benefits:

  1. Reduces the operator handling of the adhesive: For 100 lb per hour consumption operators will spend a total of 10 minutes every five hours removing and inserting a drum versus 5 minutes every hour for the manual filling of 100 lbs from four 25lb. boxes or 2 50 lb. boxes.
  2. Reduces operator liability: Potential contact with molten adhesive will be minimized.
  3. Reduces fuming of adhesive: This improves the plant air quality.
  4. Cleaner manufacturing plant: Residuals from adhesive fuming do not build up on all surfaces.
  5. Reduces the price of hot melt in drum form.
  6. Reduces contamination of hot melt through manual filling as dust, dirt, and liners get in with the adhesive.
  7. Reduces the degradation of hot melt with lower processing temperatures. Drum unloaders can process and transfer hot melts easily at below 300° F.

Benefits of Hot Melt Drum and Pail Unloaders Glue Machinery Corporation




















































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