Best Benefits of Hot Melt Roll Coaters for Industrial Manufacturing

The Glue Machinery’s hot melt roll coaters are built for faster production times in manufacturing processes. As a top choice amongst manufacturers, our hot melt roll coaters ensure precise applications and better product results. In addition, you can depend on our hot melt roll coaters to withstand and outlast even the toughest, most demanding work conditions. For manufacturers on the fence about incorporating hot melt roll coaters into their processes, read on. The Glue Machinery Corporation can give you all the inside scoop on the top benefits. 

First of All, What Are Hot Melt Roll Coaters?

Hot melt roll coaters are a specific type of machinery used in manufacturing processes to distribute hot melt glue onto various surfaces evenly. Typically, roll coaters are used in manufacturing industries that handle furniture, product assembly, construction, and even more. This specific type of machinery works by making it easier to apply adhesives to flattened materials like plastic, metal, paper, wood, or even certain textiles. 

Efficiency and Output 

Hot melt roll coaters are the way to go for manufacturing processes that need an efficient operation and quick output. Our Hot Coat High Product Package can coat large quantities of product in hot melt and can handle up to 75 lbs. per hour, or even more, for the ultimate level of efficiency in your operations. 

Different Hot Melt Roll Coaters for Numerous Applications

The Glue Machinery Corporation carries different types of hot melt machinery for numerous applications, whether you need something that’s high volume, a tabletop roll coater, and even more. Your company can find the best hot melt machinery to fit your manufacturing needs, and we can even work with you to determine an adhesive to form the strongest bond to materials in production.


At Glue Machinery Corporation, we do the Glue Diligence® so that you don’t have to. If you’re looking into different types of hot melt machinery and adhesives for your manufacturing industry and you aren’t sure which glue would work best, we can help. With our Glue Diligence®, we can find the right adhesive, machinery, and equipment for your specific application and production needs so that your company can get the most bang for your buck. 


The Glue Machinery Corporation is dedicated to supplying the highest quality industrial hot melt machinery and adhesives. At the Glue Machinery, you can find the right application, adhesives, and equipment for all your manufacturing needs. There’s a reason why leading companies around the world come to the Glue Machinery Corporation for all their manufacturing needs. Come find out why! Contact us today.


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