Choosing the Right Hot Melt Nozzle for Your Needs

In this post, we compiled an overview of hot melt nozzles to assist individuals with their research and make finding the right product a faster process. These accessories help control the volume, velocity, and direction of a hot melt adhesive being applied to a substrate. Nozzles come in three primary forms: bead, spray, and multi-line, which can be used for various manufacturing and assembly needs.

Because of this fact, selecting the appropriate piece will help improve users’ product output, and quality and help cut down on waste. Below we outline the steps you can take to ensure you identify the correct hot melt nozzle. We also discuss different models carried by Glue Machinery Corporation. Lastly, we provide some basic maintenance tips to help you get the most out of your purchase.

How to Find the Right Hot Melt Nozzle

Step 1: Understand Your Adhesive’s Properties

  • Ideally, working with your adhesive supplier, identify the unique characteristics of the hot melt is used.
  • Since you will likely have multiple nozzle options for a single hot melt, test different ones on your product to see how each performs.

Step 2: Understand Your Application

  • Depending on the material being used, you will need to answer the following questions to find the right nozzle:
    • What is your ideal bead size?
    • What do you want to improve in your current hot melt application?
    • What nozzle came stock with your hot melt applicator?

Hot Melt Nozzle Options We Carry


hot melt nozzles on table

Single Bead

Single bead hot melt nozzles, as the name denotes, produce precise, single lines of hot melt. This adapter works well for manufacturers who will be assembling a single type of product and using the same substrate consistently.

Common uses include carton construction, packaging seam gluing, and beveled tray assembly for medical use.


Spray hot melt nozzles dispense an adhesive in varying widths and diameters. Individuals looking to bind two large surface areas would benefit the most from such a nozzle. For instance, the construction of a foam-lined box for shipping fragile items requires applying hot melt across a big space and does not necessarily require precision.


Multi-bead nozzles offer users multiple beads and patterns from a single head. This type of tool works best in settings where either the substrates or a product’s design demands a unique hot melt application. An example is the development of a circuit board for electronics, which consists of a complex matrix of wires and hardware.

Maintenance Tips for Hot Melt Nozzles

Adhesive char and corresponding nozzle clogging is a common issue faced by manufacturers using hot melt nozzles and systems. If you encounter nozzle clogging during production, avoid using hole drills or picks to clear it; this will ultimately enlarge the hot melt nozzle’s hole and lead to imprecise application. Rather, the best way to prevent char and clogging nozzles is to provide excellent filtration prior to the nozzles.

Partner with a Hot Melt Nozzle Supplier

Working with an industrial hot melt nozzle supplier can help businesses looking to improve production by developing custom solutions and sourcing the right tools from the start. Contact us using our contact form. We also offer a free Glue Diligence program that can help you pick the best industrial hot glue nozzles and how to maintain your equipment properly.


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