Discover Cold Glue Solutions That Stick

Easily find the right cold glue applicators and equipment with Glue Machinery Corporation. When you get a cold glue machine with our name on it, you can be confident that you have industrial strength machinery that’s going to get the job done.

Get in touch with us today, and let our team of adhesive experts help you with your cold glue equipment needs.

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Benefits of Working with Us

Unrivaled Expertise

Through our Glue Diligence program, we’ve provided cold glue solutions to customers across a variety of industries for 50+ years

Quality of Goods

We put all of our products to the test to ensure they exceed even the strictest performance standards

Low Prices

Industrial-strength machinery at competitive prices

Faced with an adhesion issue impacting our work, we searched for a solution and found Glue Machinery Corporation. Their customer care and recommendations made it an easy choice to purchase equipment and adhesives from them.

- Tony Rahm, Quality Control, Matting by Design