Commercial Hot Glue Guns: Comparing Your Options

Commercial hot glue guns are a common piece of hot melt machinery utilized in the assembly of consumer and industrial goods alike. Stemming from their versatility of use and the resulting market demand, industrial hot glue guns have become supplied by adhesive suppliers around the country and the world. With so many options available and variance in terms of quality, the accuracy of hot melt application, and price, we recognize businesses may get overwhelmed and be unable to discern the best adhesive solution for their needs.

It is this reality that inspired the following article. Glue Machinery Corporation provides readers with a comparative guide to commercial hot glue guns it supplies, as well as those sold by others. Below is a basic overview of different models and what distinguishes particular ones from the rest.

Shopping for a High-Quality Commercial Hot Glue Gun

Features to Look For

Individuals researching exceptional hot melt guns should look for ones that possess the following features:

  • Efficient and consistent heating: even melting of the stick or bulk hot melt prevents stringing and allows for proper application
  • Temperature control: enables the operator to maintain consistent production flow and avoid build-up of solidified adhesive
  • Adjustable shot size: ensures the quality application of hot melt and proper bonding without wasting glue
  • Durable construction: allows for years of use on a production line with minimal maintenance

What You Can Expect to Pay

The cost of hot melt glue guns varies according to the type of hot melt adhesive being used and the level of sophistication. For example, Glue Machinery Corporation sells quality hot melt stick guns capable of precise high melt rates and outputs starting at $159.00. Whereas high output bulk systems start at $3195.00 and feature a reservoir, piston pump, and a high-pressure, flexible heated hose connected to a handgun.

What to Look for in a Commercial Hot Glue Gun Supplier

Along with the quality, availability, and price of an industrial hot glue gun, individuals should also examine the supplier. We recommend partnering with a company that does not constantly change its products’ designs and keeps items consistently in stock. When issues arise, a great supplier can quickly deliver a replacement glue gun or parts with a single call or email.

How Different Commercial Glue Guns Compare

Below is an infographic comparing select competitors’ and our hot melt glue guns.

hot melt glue gun comparison infographic

Convinced Our Products are Right for You? Get in Touch

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