Common Ways Adhesive Machinery is Used in Automobile Component Production

In automobile production, accuracy, dependability and repeatability are essential qualities that must be maintained throughout every step of the manufacturing process. In order to ensure a safe vehicle for the consumer, all components need to be produced to be stronger, more efficient and, simply, better. That’s why adhesive machinery plays such an important role in the automobile manufacturing process. High-performance adhesives are used in the assembly, bonding and sealing of all types of cars and trucks, helping ensure the vehicle meets the strictest quality standards.

Some of the most common ways adhesive machinery is used in automobile component production include:

  • Body: The body of any vehicle is made up of many different panels. High-performance adhesive machinery and hot melt glue is used in the assembly of door panels and the entire body to help shape the body frame and to create a safe, durable and beautiful vehicle that meets industry regulations.
  • Sunroof: For vehicles with a sunroof or moonroof, adhesive machinery is often used to create an airtight seal that prevents air, water and anything else from entering the inside of the vehicle when the sunroof or moonroof is closed.
  • Seating: Adhesives are essential in the manufacturing of car seats. Adhesive machinery and products are used to bond car seat materials together, including leather, fabric, foam and metal, to create durable, quality seating.
  • Carpet: The carpet in a vehicle takes a beating over time. As people get in and out of the car and cargo is loaded, it’s important that the carpet continues to hold in place and look its best. Adhesives play a key role in the carpeting process. High-strength adhesives are applied with special machinery to ensure the carpet is laid down in the strongest manner.
  • Headliner: In order to prevent the headliner in the interior of the vehicle from sagging over time, an industrial strength adhesive needs to be applied with the proper machinery. When a high-strength adhesive is applied properly, the headliner will stay in its original condition for many years to come.
  • Other components: Adhesive machinery is used in the production of just about every component in your automobile, including window mounts, head lamps, dashboard, engine, transmission, emblems, headlights, fenders, wheel rims, mirrors, deck lids, radiators and batteries.

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