End Cap Gluing – Filter Frame Application

Many filters are produced in longer lengths than are needed and can be cut in half to produce two filters or to offer a custom length filter. When cut – these filters’ exposed ends need an “End Cap” attached to finish the product.

The end cap is folded around the end of the filter and bonded to the filters cardboard frame and filter substrate with adhesive. Many customers apply heat reactivatable or water based adhesive that must be heated and clamped to bond. This requires special clamping equipment and when done manually this process is extremely slow.

For fast manual assembly, Glue Machinery Corporation recommends a long open time hot melt that is applied by an open wheel hot melt roll coater directly to the flat end cap. One operator can easily complete one end cap gluing process every 5-10 seconds with a properly scored end cap. With the correct hot melt adhesive and roll coater machine to provide exact coat weights, temperature, and coating speeds- your production speed can be maximized and process streamlined.




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