Everything You Should Know About PUR Adhesives

When you’re considering adding a new adhesive into your manufacturing processes, you may have stumbled across PUR adhesives on Glue Machinery’s website. PUR adhesives are trusted by some of the most well-known manufacturers and brands across the United States. As a reliable adhesive, it’s ideal for packaging productions that require a highly secure bond. But what exactly are PUR adhesives, anyways? And what makes them different? Read on to find out in our newest guide to everything you should know about PUR adhesives. 

What Are PUR Adhesives?

PUR adhesives, also known as polyurethane hot melt adhesive, were introduced in the late 80s to early 90s. PUR adhesives are thought to have a stronger bond and a better resistance to volatile temperatures than traditional hot melt. This invention was particularly beneficial to the packaging industry since PUR could ensure a strong bond for frozen food packaging. Another benefit of using PUR is that it contains a low amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which means it might be considered more eco-friendly when compared to traditional hot melt adhesives. 

What Type of PUR Hot Melt Machinery Do I Need?

You’re going to want to select the right type of PUR hot melt machinery for your PUR hot melt adhesive based on a few considerations. Since PUR comes in a few different formulations best suited for either high or low temperatures, you’ll also want to choose machinery that can handle each different type of formulation. At Glue Machinery, we have handheld applications and highly responsive hot melt machinery.

How is PUR Different from Water-Based Adhesives?

While water-based adhesives can be used in manufacturing processes to bind together plastics, paper, cardboard, and other materials, PUR adheres to a broader range. PUR is ideal for woodworking, product packaging (especially frozen foods), bookbinding, and has a long shelf life of approximately one year. This differs from water-based adhesives, which have about 3 months of shelf life. 


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