Hot Melt Equipment for Henkel Adhesives

An adhesive is only as good as the equipment its applied with.

Glue Machinery Corporation™ builds and stocks over 400 top quality, industrial strength adhesive machines used for an array of purposes by manufacturers from all industries. Our extensive selection of industrial adhesive equipment, unmatched customer service and product knowledge.

A great fit for Henkel Adhesives. A great fit for you.

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Hot Melt Equipment from Glue Machinery

EconoMelt™ 10-2/4 Hot Melt Tank

Champ™ MAX / MAX HT Hot Melt Gun

Hot Coat™ Plus 12 Precision Industrial Hot Melt Roll Coater

Shot Pot™ Timer 2

Shot Pot™ Swirl - Hot Melt System

1000s of Companies Have Gotten Their Glue Diligence. Have You?

Our exclusive Glue Diligence® service gives you access to expert guidance. We'll analyze your needs and provide personalized recommendations. The right adhesive and application methods are one call away.

How It Works:

  • Send us samples for evaluation
  • We'll test the material in our Glue Diligence® Lab and provide clear, unbiased recommendations to fit your unique needs
  • We'll send you videos of the gluing and assembly process as well as the bond tests
  • We'll send samples of products to you for evaluation

It is not every day you call the manufacturer of a piece of equipment that you use in your business to ask for technical help and the actual OWNER of the company answers the phone! That kind of personalized service carries a lot of weight with me. Literally within minutes, Pierce was able to help talk us through a solution that to this day is still working and working very well

- - Larry A Penman, Cutco Cutlery Corporation