High-Flow Hot Melt Applicators Can Stabilize Glue Consumption and Increase Company Sustainability

The Glue Machinery Corporation’s high-flow hot melt applicators can help businesses stabilize their glue consumption while increasing efficiency in production and manufacturing. Our high-flow hot melt applicators incorporate both speed and precision, which can stabilize glue consumption for companies with high-volume production. Since our hot melt applicators are built with the highest quality materials, you can depend on our high-flow hot melt applicators to be durable while delivering your industry needs. 

If you’re considering introducing sustainable practices into your company’s business model without reducing output and efficiency, you can depend on the Glue Machinery Corporation’s high-flow hot melt applicators to get the job done right. 

Save Energy By Choosing Your EconoMelt Hot Melt Tank’s Capacity 

The EconoMelt is an affordable hot melt tank that comes in a wide range of capacities: 10, 20-4, 30, 10 GP, and 20 GP. Since the EconoMelt has multiple capacities, your business can choose the size of the hot melt tank that best suits your industry needs. In doing so, you can potentially conserve energy since the melt capacity can vary based upon the size and type of hot melt you’re using. Another perk to buying the Glue Machinery’s EconoMelt? It’s compatible with multiple system components, which means your company can save money by quickly swapping out old parts with new ones whenever you need to. 

Our Precise Pattern Controllers Can Reduce Waste to Stabilize Glue Consumption

The Glue Machinery Corporation carries a wide range of precise pattern controllers that can help reduce waste and stabilize glue consumption for businesses. These pattern controllers include basic adhesive pattern controllers, programmable pattern controllers, variable speed pattern controllers, and high-speed adhesive pattern controllers. Each system has its unique features that can ensure precision in production through automatic speed adjustments or programmed adjustments. Additionally, you can choose from multiple patterns, hot and cold glue incorporations, multiple event programs, and power off program retention

Hot Melt Adhesives Are Environmentally Friendly 

Did you know that hot melt adhesives are environmentally friendly? Hot melt adhesives are non-toxic and considered the “new green,” as the base for hot melt is used in chewing gum. In addition, hot melt adhesives are approved for use by the FDA, making it a material that’s environmentally friendly and safe for use in hot melt machines by your employees. If your company is considering increasing company sustainability efforts, hot melt adhesives should be your number one choice. Contact Glue Machinery Corporation today for more information about our hot melt adhesives and hot melt applicators!

Make the Switch to the Glue Machinery Corporation for Your Industrial Hot Melt Applicators

The Glue Machinery Corporation is dedicated to supplying the highest quality industrial hot melt and cold glue dispensing machinery with assorted parts available. At the Glue Machinery, our replacement parts even come in at 20% to 30% more of an affordable price point when directly compared to Nordson’s. There’s a reason that Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, and other big-name brands trust us for their manufacturing needs. Come find out why! Contact us today.


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