It’s Game Time: Hot Melt and Its Use in American Football

With fall settling in and American football starting again, we wanted to discuss the relationship between an American pastime and hot melt. Many readers may be unaware of how these adhesives and applicators bring this game to life so we have compiled an article and infographic on the topic. Ranging from on-field equipment to a stadium’s infrastructure to snack food bags, hot melt makes sports games possible in some incredible ways.

Places Where Hot Melt Gets Used in American Football

Field Seams and Numbering

Hot melt binds artificial grass to the ground, which typically consists of a concrete base, and allows on-field lettering and numbers to be set in place.


Hot melt are used to bond foam materials used for the cushioning in helmets.


Football cleats nowadays are glued rather than sewn. This production choice keeps the shoe light, more flexible, and better able to support the natural motions of players’ bodies. Furthermore, hot melt, which can be purchased in bulk and applied faster compared to sewing, provides cost-savings for manufacturers.


Hot melts are used to bond leather seams prior to them being sewed.

The Stadium

Construction-specific hot glues are used to assemble seating.


Food-grade hot melts provide the sealant for individual bags of chips, peanuts, and other snack foods. Additionally, these adhesives secure labels on beverage bottles and prevent them from coming off easily when chilled.


From the stadium’s jumbotrons to its speaker system, hot melt made for electronics help keep internal components in place and operating properly. Glues, for example, fasten wiring and chips to metal housings inside of stadium displays.

hot melt and american football infographic


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