Hot Melt Case Sealers: Cost-Effective and Durable Packaging Sealing

Case sealing and erecting has grown in demand as ecommerce expanded, especially in response to the COVID-19 pandemic’s restrictions around in-person shopping and other activities. Because of this increased need for shipping boxes, manufacturers around the country require case sealers that help automate the process and ensure items get shipped efficiently. While there are numerous options available, not all of these machines offer the same level of quality and consistent results. To help make the shopping experience easier for companies, we compiled an overview of different Glue Machinery Corporation case sealers, as well as the adhesives that pair well with them.

What Case Sealers Are Available?

When it comes to case sealing and erecting, manufacturers will want to use a hot melt applicator and adhesive. This type of glue offers consistently strong bonds on cardboard and other shipping box materials. Additionally, hot melt adhesives used for case sealing can be purchased in bulk quantities making it less expensive compared to other sealing options, such as adhesive tapes.

Below are some products that we offer for case sealing, along with their benefits for manufacturers:

Applicator Examples:

Adhesive Examples:

Considerations When Shopping for a Case Sealer


Ensure Consistent Quality Seals with Our Help

Companies requiring case sealers and related adhesives can turn to Glue Machinery Corporation and take advantage of its free Glue Diligence program. This service is a technical service where our experts analyze your needs and provide personalized recommendations for the right adhesive and application method for your specific manufacturing process.


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