How the Wine Industry Uses Hot Melt and Cold Glue

Glue Machinery Corporation has become an important supplier of hot melt and cold glue equipment to wineries in the USA over the last few years. Production areas we’ve helped provide solutions for include: packaging, sealing of wine bottles, and cold glue labeling machines to label wine bottles.

Case erecting and sealing is done with hot melt equipment.  In most winery packaging applications simple handguns such as the Champ Stick 400™, Champ 3™ and EconoMelt 10™ with multi-orifice nozzles are used to apply bulk low-cost, fast-setting hot melts to case flaps with precision.  Some wineries have found the ErgoErector™ of value to quickly square and erect boxes with hot melt.

The Shot Pot Timer 2™ can be used to apply metered shots of wax type hot melt to the tops of bottles.  Wineries simply place the bottle under the hot melt nozzle, depress the foot switch and the perfect dot covers the cork with each shot.

Finally, many wineries have found that they can print their own labels at a fraction of the cost of pressure sensitive labels.  Glue Machinery Corporation offers a range of simple, low-cost label gluers that apply precise adhesive films to the labels prior to application.  Please note that wine bottles with labels glued with water-based adhesive are much easier to recycling/reuse.


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