Hot Melt Used to Glue Carpet to Plywood

This customer has found that the Champ Stick 400 low cost, high output hot melt gun and Champ Stick Clear stick hot melt is a great combination for gluing carpet to wood.

The gun melts and pumps the hot melt adhesive quickly with accuracy and very little “stringing” and the hot melt has ample open time and bond strength.


As an active volunteer for a Southeastern Pennsylvania animal rescue organization, Purrfect Paws Rescue, that rescues stray cats and kittens and finds them forever homes, I wanted to come up with something that could be auctioned at our fundraisers and something that our foster cats and kittens would find useful. I decided to build, solid cat tree/houses that were made with heavier, solid wood, not cardboard and without staples. These cat trees are completely covered with carpet and I use my Champ Stick 400 Glue Gun to glue all the carpet onto the wood. Just so you know, I don’t just tack the carpet down either. I probably use 3 to 4 pounds of the clear glue sticks on each cat tree to make sure the carpet is secure.

My Champ Stick works great and it was within my budget. cat tree The glue really adheres the carpet to the wood sections, even areas where I have to wrap the carpet around the wood. With just a little bit of pressure, the glue sticks fairly quickly allowing me to move on to the next section.The finished product is a solid, heavy cat tree that barely shows any seams and is totally staple free! I am sure a skilled carpenter could build more of these more quickly but with my little woodworking knowledge and my Champ Stick 400 I am able to build these on occasion for our foster kitties and they love them. They also bring in some great donations at fundraising events as well.

– John V 

Champ Stick 400 Gluing Carpet to Plywood


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