Common Questions About Industrial Hot Glue Guns

Industrial hot glue guns are a common piece of hot melt dispensing equipment used in a variety of industries, such as packaging and construction. Finding the right fit, however, for your application can be a challenge. With that in mind, we have compiled commonly asked questions about these products to help customers.

Industrial Hot Glue Gun FAQs


  • What makes an industrial hot glue gun different from regular glue guns?

An industrial hot glue gun is distinguished by its increased durability and output compared to more consumer-facing models.

  • What types of industrial hot glue guns are available?

These tools come in various forms compatible with a range of melt/output rates and are available to process different diameter glue sticks, with ½ inch being the most popular. 

  • What are the features necessary in a hot melt glue gun for industrial use?

A quality gun possesses a solid construction that allows the operator to handle it easily for long periods of time and maximizes their control over the application of hot melt. For example, all models that glue Machinery Corporation builds and sells are ergonomic high output guns with easy trigger pull, shot size control and adjustable temperature controls. 


  • What are common uses for industrial hot glue guns?

Industries including protective packaging, product assembly, home construction, woodworking, food and beverage packaging, and automotive employ industrial-grade hot glue guns.

  • What substrates will not bond with hot melt glue?

Hot melt does not bond well to certain plastics with low surface energy.

  • What substrates will bond with hot melt glue?

Hot melts bond a huge range of materials to include paper, wood, metal, glass, and some plastics 


  • What’s the difference between regular and PUR hot melt glue guns?

PUR hot melt guns work solely with PUR hot melts, which are moisture curing polyurethane reactive adhesives. Standard hot melts, on the other hand, bond with temperature loss and do not cure. PURs also provide higher temperature resistance than standard hot melts. Lastly, PURs afford incredible flexibility and elongation characteristics not available with other adhesives.

  • What are the benefits of using a bulk hot melt glue gun versus a stick version?

The decision to use a particular hot glue gun depends on your adhesive and end-use, substrates and product requirements, as well as how much money you are willing to invest in machinery. Bulk hot melt guns typically offer cost-savings if you anticipate using quantities of hot melt or applying glue fast. . A drawback of this approach is that the initial price associated with this specialized equipment is higher compared to stick glue-compatible models. 

  • How often should a hot melt gun be replaced?

If used correctly and regularly serviced, hot melt guns can last for years without requiring replacement. Not properly cleaning the gun of hot melt residue is a common way guns become jammed or broken. Fortunately, all models we offer can have individual parts replaced versus necessitating a full replacement.

  • How much do these guns cost?

Industrial hot glue guns, like other adhesive machinery, span a wide price range starting at $159 for a basic stick glue version. Larger and more complex handgun systems are more expensive, yet can be tailored to your particular specifications.

Technical Issues

  • How often should I clean my hot melt gun?

Always read the glue gun manual before servicing any tool. There is no set cadence for servicing your hot melt gun. We, however, suggest erring on the side of caution and ensuring all leftover glue gets removed prior to powering down the tool. This will prevent jams and other issues in the future. Likewise, before each use, do a visual inspection of all parts and keep your feed mechanism and melt chamber clear of debris and dust.

  • Can I remove hot melt adhesive from my gun once it’s been heated?

Sticks are never removed from stick guns. Bulk adhesive can be purged out of bulk guns or carefully poured out of the reservoir. 

  • Whom can I contact if I need a replacement part?

Our team is happy to help you find the right replacement part for your hot melt glue gun or system.

  • How should my glue gun be stored between uses?

Minimize potential hazards by keeping your glue gun unplugged when not in use for an extended period of time. Also, be sure to store it in a space that is clean and temperature controlled.

Partnering with a Trusted Hot Melt Glue Gun Supplier

This is just a sampling of questions; if you have others, you can connect with our team of hot melt experts. Working with us can help businesses looking to improve production by developing custom solutions and sourcing the right materials from the start. Contact us using our contact form. We also offer a free Glue Diligence program that can help you identify the best industrial hot glue gun and how to maintain your equipment properly.


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