What’s the Difference Between an Industrial Hot Glue Gun and a Hobby Glue Gun?

Photograph of a woman using a hobby hot glue gunHot glue guns are handy tools for many applications, from art projects to construction, and are used in many industries. You may recall using a hobby hot glue gun in your elementary school art classes, but is there a difference between industrial hot glue guns and hobby glue guns? The answer is yes, though they share the same purpose! This article highlights what a hot glue gun is, how it works, and the differences between an industrial hot glue gun and a hobby hot glue gun.

How glue guns work

A hot glue gun is a handheld device that contains a heating element that will heat and melt solid glue, usually in the form of a stick. The glue gun works by heating the glue stick until it reaches its melting point and becomes a liquid. Then the liquified glue is pushed through the dispenser using the glue gun’s trigger or your finger to move the glue stick through its melting chamber. One of the benefits of using hot glue vs. other types of glue is that the melted glue or adhesive bonds as it cools, which happens relatively quickly. A considerable advantage of using hot melt adhesives is that as it dries, the thickness remains, which is helpful in many commercial settings.

Photograph of an industrial hot glue gun


The difference between an industrial glue gun and a hoppy glue gun

So, what is the difference between industrial glue guns and hobby glue guns? The primary differences are that an industrial glue gun will provide higher durability and greater output than a hobby hot glue gun. In addition, industrial hot glue applications tend to have a longer shelf life and more straightforward disposal than a solvent-based adhesive. Some industries using industrial hot glue guns include construction, product assembly, automotive, and packing industries. Depending on the project need and specifications, different types of glue are used in the glue guns (e.g., environmental exposures, materials used, etc.). Some larger applications may require bulk hot melt or adhesive that can be handled with industrial bulk glue guns. A bulk glue gun features a bulk tank that can carry and dispense large amounts of adhesive at a time.


While the differences may seem obvious, still, there are plenty of tiny details for each type of product and industry. We here at Glue Machinery want to help you get the best possible adhesive system for your project. Contact us and we will take your provided substrate samples through our Glue Diligence® process. We’ll test the material in our Glue Diligence® Lab and provide clear, unbiased recommendations, videos of the gluing and assembly process, and bond tests.  This is just one of the many reasons why at Glue Machinery Corporation, we are always here to help you take the guesswork out of choosing the right product for your needs. Contact us today or give us a call at 1.866.274.7925.


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