An Industrial Glue Gun: A General Contractor’s Best Friend

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Every general contractor’s tool kit includes a hammer, saw, drill, tape measure, pliers and screwdriver. Another versatile tool to have around at all times: an industrial glue gun. Hot melt glue provides fast-setting bonds to hold the material in place prior to additional fasteners such as staples, nails, glue, caulks, mastics and grouts. Hot melt glue bonds to a wide variety of surfaces commonly seen on a construction site.

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How Adhesive Machinery Is Used In Furniture Manufacturing

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Furniture manufacturers rely on hot melt equipment and other industrial adhesive machinery for a range of critical applications. From ensuring drawers are properly bonded to creating beautiful trim on all sorts of wooden furniture, adhesives are used for many different important purposes. The right adhesive machinery can help furniture manufacturers produce higher quality products in a more efficient manner, helping drive customer loyalty and boosting the bottom line.

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