Labeling Adhesives and Applicators: What You Need to Know

Pick up any product at a store or from a shipment, and you will likely find a label attached to it. Specifically formulated adhesives keep these important informational items in place as goods make the journey from manufacturer to end consumer. Below we examine labeling adhesives in their different forms and use cases, along with the applicators that pair well with them.

food labels side by side

What Labeling Adhesives Are Available?

There are three main categories of labeling adhesives, which may come in a hot melt or cold glue form:

1) Permanent

As the name implies, permanent labeling adhesives offer strong bonds between substrates and can often be purchased in bulk, making them a budget-friendly solution. However, because of their bond strength, removing a label once it’s placed can lead to damage.

Hot Melt Example:

Cold Glue Example:

2) Removable

Removable adhesives can be removed for a window of time after application without damaging the label or surface where it’s mounted. Ideal applications include temporarily marking items, store coupons, and limited-time promotions.

Hot Melt Example:

Cold Glue Example:

3) Repositionable

Repositionable adhesives allow for labels to be removed and replaced within a window of time. This characteristic, therefore, offers manufacturers the ability to reposition a label before being permanently set.

Hot Melt Example:

Cold Glue Example:

Considerations When Shopping for a Labeling Adhesive


Applicators Ideal for Labeling

The following cold glue and hot melt applicators and systems make label placement more efficient for manufacturers.

Cold Glue

  • Label Gluers and Roll Coaters
    • Whether you need labeling equipment for product labeling, package labeling, or even pallet labeling, one of these cold glue-specific machines is ready to deliver quality bonds and efficiently apply glue.

Hot Melt

  • Shot Pot Swirl
    • Simple maintenance and operation, adjustable controls, and the ability to augment coat weights are some of the unique benefits associated with this application system.
  • EconoGun Mini Automatic Hot Melt Gun
    • When your labeling assembly requires precise and fast hot melt glue patterning, this is the hot melt glue gun for you.


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