Packaging with Hot Melt Handguns 101

Hot Melt adhesives are used worldwide to erect and seal paperboard cartons and corrugated cases in packaging.

Hot Melt Handguns are used in the most basic packaging applications – and are the tools of choice to apply hot melt adhesive. They are simple, effective tools as they can be used to apply hot melt patterns that quickly form permanent bonds.

Most companies using hot melt handguns first opt for low cost, low power hot melt stick guns. In many cases, these tools show promise but do not melt or apply hot melt fast enough and tend to drip and string adhesive.

High power hot melt stick guns only should be used in packaging applications – as one of the keys to successfully glued packages is to apply precise consistent patterns fast and compress the materials quickly.

The next step in packaging with hot melt handguns is the self contained hot melt gun. These tools have melt reservoirs within the gun that condition bulk low cost adhesive prior to application. These tools allow for the fast application of hot melt and can be equipped with a range of nozzles to include multi orifice nozzles used extensively in case erecting and sealing.

In larger scale manual hot melt packaging applications a small hot melt tank with pump feeding a high pressure hose to a handgun is preferred. This system melts larger volumes of bulk low cost hot melt and allows for the very fast application of hot melt adhesive.

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