Hot Melt for Precast Concrete Bonding

Precast concrete is a construction technique used across industries, ranging from consumer-facing landscape architecture to government infrastructure improvements. This method of building has grown in popularity as a result of its cost and time savings for projects. Given this reality and knowing some readers may be researching bonding agents for precast applications, we have compiled a guide to hot melt adhesives best suited for this industry.

precast pallets outside of home under construction

What is Precast Concrete? How Is It Used?

According to industry outlet,, “Precast concrete is simply concrete that is cast somewhere other than where it will be used. Most precast products are cast in a factory using a wet-cast method, but others are cast on-site—such as tilt-up panels.”

As for its benefits, precast offers the following benefits to construction professionals:

  • Quality can be maintained and monitored much more easily
  • Setting is not dependent upon the weather
  • Time and cost-savings with regards to labor
  • Faster installation times
  • Repeatability of casting
  • Accelerated curing times
  • Increased strength and durability

Common Examples of Precast Concrete Use

  • Bridge beams
  • Double Ts
  • Hollow-core slabs
  • Septic tanks/utility holes
  • Pipes/culverts
  • Foundation walls
  • Architectural panels
  • Traffic barriers and retaining walls/sound walls
  • Steps
  • Fences
  • Pool coping

What Adhesives and Applicators Get Used for Precast Concrete?

Hot melt offers exceptionally strong bonds with comparatively cheaper costs thanks to being able to buy adhesives in bulk and apply them using tools like handguns. These glues are well-suited for bonding reveal, chamfer, form liners, weld plates, and structural and other architectural elements in all types of precast concrete items.

Example of a Quality Precast Hot Melt:

GIA1094 Permanent APAO Polyolefin Adhesive: offers strong bonds across a variety of substrates, including precast concrete. It’s also available in bulk quantities that make it an affordable bonding agent for large and small projects, alike.

Example of a Quality Precast Hot Melt Applicator:

Champ 600 Bulk Hot Melt Glue Gun: an industrial hot melt handgun that has an 8-ounce melt tank in the gun, high output piston pump, “No Drip” check valve nozzle tip, and adjustable temperature control, locking tank lid.

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