Hot Melt Solutions for Precast Concrete

The right hot melt solution will maintain the architectural and structural integrity of your concrete.

A stark contrast to using screws and bolts.

Our Champ 600 Glue Guns and GIA1094 Hot Melt are a perfect pair to meet your precast concrete needs.

Industrial strength and precision, it’s next to impossible to beat this combination.

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Products for Precast Concrete Solutions

Champ™ 600 Bulk Hot Melt Glue Gun

GIA1094 Permanent APAO Polyolefin

The Champ 600 in Action

The Champ 600 is an Industrial Hot Melt Handgun with 8-ounce melt tank in the gun, high output piston pump, "No Drip" check valve nozzle tip, and adjustable temperature control, locking tank lid, for use with low-cost bulk hot melt adhesives.

It is not every day you call the manufacturer of a piece of equipment that you use in your business to ask for technical help and the actual OWNER of the company answers the phone! That kind of personalized service carries a lot of weight with me. Literally within minutes, Pierce was able to help talk us through a solution that to this day is still working and working very well

- Larry A Penman, Cutco Cutlery Corporation