Automatic Hot Melt Tank Filling System (ATFS)

The ATFS automatically replenishes adhesive to the desired level in hot melt equipment. A low level indicator sends a signal to the ATFS that adhesive is needed. The ATFS then activates a positive pressure suction that draws the adhesive and deposits it into the hot melt unit. The ATFS will easily integrate with competitive equipment configurations. Out of the box installation with drop-in adhesive tank connection.

Compatible With:

All Hot Melt Tanks.

Product Details:

  •  Automatic "On Demand" filling of the hot melt unit.
  • Removes an operator from the hot melt supply unit area.
  • Nozzle plugging and system contamination is virtually eliminated.
  • Less thermal shock to the hot melt system.

Hot Melt Tanks require frequent adhesive re-filling. If the operator does not refill the hot melt supply unit often enough, there can be insufficient time to melt and condition the adhesive.  This results in equipment down time and employees waiting until the hopper temperature returns to setpoint. Installation of a Automatic Tank Filling System reduces all of the above problems. The result is lower repair costs and higher production rates.

The ATFS utilizes an air venturi-activated suction to pick up the solid hot melt adhesive from a bulk container and convey it by air pressure to the hopper.

  • Easily integrated into all Glue Machinery Corporation™ and competitive hot melt units.
  • Minimizes adhesive contamination for increased uptime.
  • On-Demand adhesive replenishment saves operator time and prevents thermal shock
    to the adhesive.
  • Automatically feeds hot melt units up to 20 feet vertically and 100 feet horizontally.
 System  Automatic Hot Melt Tank Filling System
 Adhesive Size  Up to ½” Slat
 Adhesive Transfer Rate*  750 lb (340 kg) / hour
 Adhesive Transfer Length  Up to 20 ft Vertically
Up to 100 ft Horizontally
 Operating Air  Minimum: 50 psi or .35 MPa (3.5 bar)
Maximum: 80 psi or .55 MPa (5.5 bar)
 Air Consumption  20 scfm/min (566 Liters/min) when feeding
 Air Connection  1” Supply to ½” tube connection at unit
 Delivery Type  Positive pressure air amplification up to 25:1 at outlet.

*Transfer rates depend upon adhesive size.

Dimensions ATFS Lid Assembly
Height (H) 48 in. (123 cm) 48 in. (123 cm)
Depth (D) 6 in. (15 cm) 48 in. (123 cm)
Width (W) 6 in. (15 cm) 48 in. (123 cm)