Champ 3 and 600 with Hosel Nozzle1
Champ 3 and 600 with Hosel NozzleChamp 3 with hosel nozzle for bias weighting2
Champ 3 and 600 with Hosel NozzleCustom Right angle Hosel Nozzle3
Champ 3 and 600 with Hosel NozzleCustom Right Angle Hosel Nozzle with Champ 600 adapter4
Champ 3 and 600 with Hosel NozzleHosel Nozzle length in inches5
Champ 3 and 600 with Hosel NozzleHosel Nozzle length in mm6
Champ 3 and 600 with Hosel NozzleHosel Nozzle Tip Width in mm7
Champ 3 and 600 with Hosel NozzleHosel Nozzle Tip width in inches8

Compatible With:

Pressure Sensitive hot melt adhesives and other low viscosity hot melts.

Champ 3 and 600 with Hosel Nozzle

Hot Melt Glue System for the Bias Weighting of Golf Drivers with metered shots of PSA hot melt


Product Details:

  • 120 VAC gun
  • Adjustable temperature controls
  • Operates with most pressure sensitive hot melt
  • Minimizes dripping and stringing
  • Patterns are easily achieved
Package Includes:
  • Champ 600
  • Hosel Nozzle , 3”
  • 1 lb GIA1071
Benefits Why do golfers love the Champ 600 Hot Melt Glue Gun? It’s the ultimate tool for upping their game. With our adhesive system for golf clubs, you can:
  • Add precise weight to your driver head and club heads
  • Reduce vibration in the shaft of your clubs
  • Reduce the sound created by shaft vibrations
  • Enjoy consistent adhesive application for better, more precise bias weighting of club head
  • Achieve higher quality, longer lasting bonds and adhesive performance
  • Eliminate adhesive dripping and waste
  • Save money as fewer nozzles need to be purchased
  • Enjoy easy, low-maintenance operation on our driver gluing machines
Quality You Can Depend On The Glue Machinery name has always been synonymous with exceptional quality. Our adhesive system for golf clubs is manufactured in-house at our world-class facility that has a complete assembly area, inspection station and Glue Diligence testing lab. Every product goes through rigorous quality assurance protocol to ensure it meets and exceeds your performance expectations. We build all of our driver gluing machines to be easy and safe to use, require little maintenance and last a lifetime. When quality matters, choose Glue Machinery Corporation. Trusted by Top Manufacturers for 50+ Years When the world’s top manufacturers need adhesive equipment, they trust Glue Machinery Corporation for all of their hot melt and cold glue machinery needs. For more than 50 years, we’ve been serving manufacturers from a range of industries, and our clients include NASA, RR Donnelley & Sons, Coca-Cola, Barnes & Noble, Sherwin-Williams and many more. Glue Diligence: The Right Adhesive System for Your Golf Clubs At Glue Machinery Corporation, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the golf club gluing machine you need to succeed. We offer a range of customization options and a one-on-one Glue Diligence technical service to assess your needs and match you with the right adhesive equipment for your demands. It’s the easy, stress-free way to shop for your golf club adhesive system. Request More Information Want to learn more about the Champ 600 Hot Melt Glue Gun? We’re here to answer all of your questions. Call us today at 1-888-202-2468 to get started!


Bias Weighting Package for Golf Club Drive Customization

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