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Champ™ 10 PUR-S LCD - Cartridge Hot Melt Spray Gun

Champ™ 10 PUR Spray Spare Parts

Replacement spare and recommened parts for the Champ™ 10 PUR Spray Handgun.



Champ™ 10 PUR Spray Spare Parts

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Product Details:

Glue Machinery Corporation™ offers full spare and replacement parts for every machine that we sell, with information located in the owner's manual. The following are commonly requested or recommended spare parts:
Item Description Glue Machinery Part #
Spray Adapter 2691 1 O Ring 1111
Spray Nozzle 3051 1-2 Spray Cap 3057
O Ring Lubricant G02E47-001 1-2 Silencer 2683
Membrane 2696 1 Flat Seal 2955