Champ™ 3 with Melt-Fill Tank Package1
Champ™ 3 with Melt-Fill Tank Package2
Champ™ 3 with Melt-Fill Tank Package3

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Hot Melt Adhesives in Bulk Chip form: Permanent, Removable, Packaging and others. (Quality Bulk Adhesives available from Glue Machinery Corporation™)

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 Champ™ 3 Product Manual  Nozzle List


** Read Manual Before Operating Any Champ Adhesive Applicator**
Always Wear Protective Gloves, Sleeves and Safety Glasses When Operating Champ Adhesive Applicators
** Champ Adhesive Applicators And Adhesives Are Very Hot; Injury Could Result From Improper Use**

Champ™ 3 with Melt-Fill Tank Package

Champ™ 3 and Champ™ 600 hot melt guns offer precise, high flow, "No Drip" application of hot melt. Supplement the melt rate of the Champ hot melt handguns with the one gallon gravity flow Melt/Fill Tank. Position the Champ™ gun under the outlet on the bottom of the Melt/Fill tank and depress the flow valve to fill the Champ™ 3 and 600.


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Champ™ 3/600 with Melt-Fill Tank Package

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Product Details:

Champ™ 3 Melt-Fill Tank Full Details Power Requirements: 120VAC=7.3 amp/1ph/50-60Hz-240VAC=3.66 amp/1ph/50-60Hz.