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Champ™ Glue Spray Handgun

Spray low viscosity water based glue with this self contained glue handgun.



Champ™ Glue Spray Handgun

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Product Details:

Spray low viscosity water based glue  with this self contained  glue handgun. Pour glue in the  removable 10 ounce tank, provide compress air, adjust the air regulators for flow and spray and atomize glue with precision. At the end of the shift, remove the tank, wash the tank, purge the adapter and nozzle with the tank to remove glue.  
  • Lightweight impact resistant handle
  • Pneumatic Trigger switch
  • Two air regulators in mounting station
  • Removable 10 ounce tank
  • Adapter and 1mm nozzle
Requires customer supplier compressed air Use with low viscosity water based glue under 5000 cps Large nozzles available Nozzle must be kept clean for proper operation Glue must stay vertical at all times Glue  can only be sprayed down onto substrates