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ChampStick™ 400 Industrial Hot Melt Adhesive Stick Gun and 1/2" Glue Guns.

G25A77-003 - Champ Stick Glue - Packaging - Yellow

Yellow colored **1/2" hot melt adhesive stick often used for box forming and carton sealing as well as a range of product assembly applications.

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Box Erecting1

Product Details:

  • ** Actual OD is 7/16” (11.2mm)
  • Glue sticks are 12” long
  • 15 glue sticks per lb
  • Min order is 15 lbs
  • Standard case orders 55 lbs
  • Softening Point: 204.8ºF (96ºC)
  • Viscosity (338ºF): 3500 cps


Champ Stick Glue – Packaging – Yellow

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