Champ™ Premelt Tank / Pump1
Champ™ Premelt Tank / PumpChamp™ Sump Filling Champ™ 32
Champ™ Premelt Tank / PumpChamp™ Sump Filling Champ™ 33
Champ™ Premelt Tank / PumpCloseup View of Champ™3 being filled with the Champ™ Sump 128 4
Champ™ Premelt Tank / Pump5
Champ™ Premelt Tank / PumpTank View6
Champ™ Premelt Tank / Pump7
Champ™ Premelt Tank / Pump8
Champ™ Premelt Tank / Pump9
Champ™ Premelt Tank / Pump10
Champ™ Premelt Tank / Pump11
Champ™ Premelt Tank / Pump12
Champ™ Premelt Tank / Pump13
Champ™ Premelt Tank / PumpChamp™ Premelt Tank Filling Champ™ 60014
Champ™ Premelt Tank / PumpChamp™ Premelt Tank with Distillate Gun15

Compatible With:

Hot Melt Handguns with reservoirs: Champ™ 3, Champ™ 600, Champ™ 10. Guns sold seperately, not included in price of Champ™ Sump 128.


** Read Manual Before Operating Any Champ Adhesive Applicator**
Always Wear Protective Gloves, Sleeves and Safety Glasses When Operating Champ Adhesive Applicators
** Champ Adhesive Applicators And Adhesives Are Very Hot; Injury Could Result From Improper Use**

Champ™ Premelt Tank / Pump

Melter with pump for fast hot melt filling of the Champ™ 3, 600, and 10.


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Product Details:

  This is a one gallon/ 9 lb capacity  hot melt tank with manual piston pump.   The machine melts  approximate 5 lbs  of hot melt per hour.   The piston pump allows for approximately 2.7 ounces of hot melt to flow out of the spigot per pump.   The docking station allows for the correct placement of the Champ gun under the spigot before filling.   This machine is available in 120 volt as a standard and 240 V as a special.   It is intended to be used with the Champ hot melt handguns to dramatically increase their output.   Please note that introducing molten adhesive into the Champ guns in high volume applications also dramatically decreases the Champ hot melt handgun maintenenace.


Champ™ Sump Premelt Tank

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