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Champ™ Distillate Spray GunSTOP! Distillate coming out fo vent due to overfilling or incorrect operation. Gun lid vent must be cleaned9
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Champ™ Distillate Spray Gun

Spray heated molten distillate material with speed, accuracy and low maintenance. Champ Distillate Spray gun eliminates the need for additives. Customer to provide compressed air ( 3.5 SCFM at 80psi)


Product Details:

  •  Handgun is used to spray distillate materials with accuracy
  • Handgun is fully heated with precise PID adjustable temperature controls (most distillates operate at approximately 180F)
  • Order includes two removable tanks with adapters, spray rings, nozzles and tanks seals
  • Removable tanks can taken out of machine and stored with distillate or cleaned
  • Handgun requires compressed air and 120 V power ( also available  in 240V)
  • Distillate patterns typically 2-3” wide
  • Customer to melt distillate and pour into removable tank while insert  in gun or out of gun
  • Unmelted distillate in removable tank can be reheated by gun
  • Gun takes less than 10 minutes to get to temperature ( Unmelted distiallate in tank will take 20 minutes to get to temperature)
Machine can spray approximately 200 grams of distillate in 2-3 minutes.
  • Cartridge Premelter available for  high production rates.
Helpful tips *
  1.  Always point gun down only.  Do not lay gun down, do not rock gun backwards and do not overfill gun
Any distillate on inside of tank lid must be cleaned off before operating  
  1. Always extrude fine bead of distillate from nozzle before installing spray cap and attempting to spray
    Industrial grade hot melt spray gun with LCD display. Champ PUR -S LCD Power Requirements: 120VAC 600W, supplied with  NEMA 5-15 Style plug, maximum of  3.5  SCFM at 80PSI, supplied with a ¼ industrial coupling.(Customer to contact industrial supplier of compressors for correct air compressor size recommendation). The umbilical cable back to the gun deck with air regulators that houses the air line and power cord is 15’. The power cord from the gun deck of the umbilical cord is 12’


Champ™ Distillate Spray Gun

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