EconoChamp™ Hot Melt Bead Gun
.060 Nozzle
Extended Nozzle 2 x 70mm (not included)
EconoMelt™ 10 Hot Melt System
EconoMelt™ with Econochamp Boom, Balancer and Hammock
Side view of EconoMelt™ 10 – Showing single hose connection panel.
EconoMelt™ 10 has a 10 lb. capacity Teflon lined tank.
EconoChamp Handguns in Stock
Special EconoChamp Slot Nozzle

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Drywall Assembly Dual Orifice Nozzle

Product Manuals / Related PDFs:

Dimensions Drawing [PDF]


** Read Manual Before Operating Any Champ Adhesive Applicator**
Always Wear Protective Gloves, Sleeves and Safety Glasses When Operating Champ Adhesive Applicators
** Champ Adhesive Applicators And Adhesives Are Very Hot; Injury Could Result From Improper Use**

EconoChamp™ Hot Melt Bead Gun

Highest quality industrial high flow hot melt handgun for the precise application of hot melt adhesive. These industrial hot glue guns are used with the EconoMelt hot melt tanks and require a flexible heated hose.


Product Details:

  • .060 Nozzle
  • Lightweight, Durable, Easily Repaired
  • EconoChamp/Spray Power Requirements: 120VAC=.83 amp/1ph/50Hz-60Hz-240VAC=.41 amp/1ph/50-60Hz.
  • Also available as a Swirl Spray Handgun


EconoChamp™ Hot Melt Bead Gun

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