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EconoMelt™ Hot Melt Pail Unloader

This high quality hot melt pail unloader machinery melts and pumps hot melt adhesive through high pressure flexible heated hoses to manual and automatic guns for the precise application of the hot melt.

Product Details:

  • PLC Temperature controls for platen, two hoses and two guns
  • Compact Design
  • 5 gallon pail can be loaded from the front or back
  • Glue level detector
  • Single touch control to separate pail from platen
  • Available with radial platen for high melt rate and smooth platen for PUR
Product Specifications: <td valign="top" width="153"Unit<td valign="top" width="153"EconoMelt™ Pail Unloader
Pail Capacity Gallon 5
Max. Glue Flow Rate g/Min 400
Max. Operation Temperature °C/°F 200/392
Max. Viscosity CPS 100,000
Available Hose/Gun Set 1-2
Air Pressure Requirements Kg/cm² 5
Dimensions: L, W, H Inches 36.2" x 20.9" x48.8" (down) -69.3 (up)
Weight Kg/lb Approx. 200kg/441 lbs
Heater Power</td< Watt 8400
Heating Plate Diameter mm/in 286mm/11.26 in (USA) 280 mm/11.0in (Europe)
Power Requirement 220V AC, 43A, 50/60Hz, 3Φ3W
Note:The flow rate depends on the viscosity of the hot melt adhesive


EconoMelt™ Hot Melt Pail Unloader

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