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Electric Gun

Electrically operated, single or multi-nozzle hot melt adhesive applicator assembly with an integrated filter cartridge.


Product Details:

  •  High Speed Valve designed for precise adhesive placement.
  • Duty cycle exceeds current technology ten-fold.
  • Easy change drop-in electric coil.
  • Patented valve design virtually eliminates internal char.
  • Large internal heated filter traps contaminants.
  • Modular valve body design allows for fast replacement.
  • EZ change nozzle allows for fast nozzle replacement.
This Electric Applicator Gun is used with intermittent adhesive pressure and constant adhesive pressure hot melt adhesive supply units (ASUs). Each Electric Applicator features one to four adhesive valve modules mounted to a single service block. Each module is opened and closed by an electric solenoid.  Springs are used to keep the valve closed when no electric signal is supplied to the solenoid.  The Rate of adhesive flow from the applicator is determined by the adhesive pressure applied by the ASU's pump, the size of the nozzle orifice and the stem stroke adjustment.


Electric Gun

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