Complete ezGluer™ Systems Available!
Ezgluer Brush Nozzles available in 5 sizes
EzGluer Spreader Nozzles
ezgluer inline gun head installation tool
ezgluer inline gun head repair kit

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ezGluer™ Handgun

Light weight, durable cold glue applicator with various nozzle and attachment options

Product Details:

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The ezGluer™ is an in-line handgun used for the application of cold glue adhesive. This handgun can be customized with a wide variety (see below) of nozzles and attachments. The 'ezGluer™ Basic' is the base model and comes equipped with the ezGluer™ Basic Bead Nozzle.
  • Base Weight: 12 Ounces
  • Length (nozzle tip to hose fitting): 9.25"
  • Adjustable flow
  • Impact resistant design.
  • Rebuildable


ezGluer™ Handgun

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