ezGluer™ Tenon NozzleNozzles shown are 20, 30 and 40mm wide x 9.5mm deep and approximately 34mm long (50mm not shown) *** Customers must provide exact dimensions of mortise hole for correct nozzle to be produced1
ezGluer™ Tenon NozzleCompatible with Ezgluer™ PVA systems2
ezGluer™ Tenon Nozzle3

ezGluer™ Tenon Nozzle

Nozzle for precise adhesive application into the mortise. Sizes customized to customer requirements.


Product Details:

To use: Insert nozzle, activate trigger and remove for consistant gluing. For use with ezGluer™ Handgun, ezGun™ Pistol and ezGun™ Meter Mate.


ezGluer™ Tenon Nozzle

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