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ChampStick 400 and other 1/2" glue stick guns.

Champ™ Stick Yellow 1/2" All Purpose Packaging Stick Glue (G84A77-001)

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High Performance Hot Melt Adhesive Stick for Packaging and Product Assembly 7/16" x 15" 12 sticks to a lb. 25 lb Boxes (300 sticks per box). All Sales Of Adhesive Are Final And Cannot Be Returned.



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Champ™ Stick Yellow 1/2″ All Purpose Packaging Stick Glue

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Product Details:

APPEARANCE:  Yellow / Stick TYPE:   Ethylene Vinyl Acetate SIZE    :   15” Long, 7/16” diameter (30.48cm x 11.2 mm) SOLIDS:    100% VISCOSITY:  24,000 cps @ 250°F 7,400 cps @ 325°F 3,800 cps @375°F SAFT:    174°F PAFT:   140°F SOFTENING POINT:                                       160 - 161°F OPEN TIME:                                                    15 seconds SHELF LIFE:                                                        Indefinite FLASH POINT:   Above 450°F FDA STATUS:  Meets composition requirements of indirect food additives Regulation  21 CFR 175.105 "ADHESIVES”