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Excellent for padding of memos or applications requiring removability and repositionability including stick-on labels. Used in business forms, labeling of magazines, coupons, peelable flaps, glue tacks, stickers & stamps.

GCA1001 - Fugitive Removable Water Based Adhesive

Fugitive/temporary adhesive that is designed to hold paper together without any fiber-tear. Provides ultra low tack on various substrates.


Product Details:

  • Appearance: White liquid, dries milky.
  • Viscosity: 200-700 cps (brookfield, 20 rpm, #2 spindle, 77ºF)
  • Weight/Gallon (lbs): 8.4
  • Solids: 29 ± 3%
  • pH: 9.0 - 9.9
  • Shelf Life: Six months in closed container.
  • Clean-up: Warm, soapy water while still wet; final clean up with solvent. (E.g. Acetone, Ethylacetate, Isopropanol).
  • Storage Conditions: Store below 90ºF. Keep from freezing and excessing heat/cold. If very cold, product should be warmed slowly. Low temperatures will thicken product; High temperature will thin product. If frozen, product is unusable.

The information here is believed to be accurate but is not warranted to be so. Protective equipment, health effects, and other related safety measures are based on intended and anticipated product use. Recipients are advised to confirm in advance of need that the information is applicable and suitable to their circumstances.


GCA1001 – Fugitive Removable Water Based Adhesive

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