GCA1001 - Fugitive Removable Water Based AdhesiveWater Based Cold Glue1
GCA1001 - Fugitive Removable Water Based AdhesiveAvailable in drums2

Compatible With:

Excellent for padding of memos or applications requiring removability and repositionability including stick-on labels. Used in business forms, labeling of magazines, coupons, peelable flaps, glue tacks, stickers & stamps.

GCA1001 - Fugitive Removable Water Based Adhesive

Fugitive/temporary adhesive that is designed to hold paper together without any fiber-tear. Provides ultra low tack on various substrates.


Product Details:

  • Appearance: White liquid, dries milky.
  • Viscosity: 200-700 cps (brookfield, 20 rpm, #2 spindle, 77ºF)
  • Weight/Gallon (lbs): 8.4
  • Solids: 29 ± 3%
  • pH: 9.0 - 9.9
  • Shelf Life: Six months in closed container.
  • Clean-up: Warm, soapy water while still wet; final clean up with solvent. (E.g. Acetone, Ethylacetate, Isopropanol).
  • Storage Conditions: Store below 90ºF. Keep from freezing and excessing heat/cold. If very cold, product should be warmed slowly. Low temperatures will thicken product; High temperature will thin product. If frozen, product is unusable.
Available in one gallon jugs, five gallon pails with spout, and drums.


GCA1001 – Fugitive Removable Water Based Cold Glue Adhesive

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