Compatible With:

All standard hot melt machinery including extrusion, swirl, slot die, fiberization and roll coater systems.

GIA1042 Permanent EVA (25LBS)


General purpose hot melt adhesive with medium to slow set speed for difficult to bond surfaces. All sales of adhesive are final and cannot be returned.



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GIA1042 Permanent EVA

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Product Details:

  • Open Time: Long
  • Speed of Set: Medium-Slow
  • Softening Point: 190ºF
  • Viscosity: 1200 cps @ 350ºF
  • Type: Formulated Hot Melt
  • Color: Yellow - Tan
  • Application Temperature: 350ºF +/- 25ºF
  • Shelf Life: One Year
  • FDA Status: Meets composition requirements of indirect food additives.
  • Regulation 21 CFR 175.105 "Adhesives".