GIA1086 Aqueous Cold Glue Adhesive1
GIA1086 Aqueous Cold Glue AdhesiveAvailable in 55 gal drum2
GIA1086 Aqueous Cold Glue Adhesive3

Compatible With:

Cold Glue Roll Coaters, Automatic, and Manual Applicators. Formulated for label laminating and mounting applications.

GIA1086 Aqueous Cold Glue Adhesive

GIA1086 is a lay flat, modifed starch based laminating adhesive. Formulated for label laminating and mounting applications.



GIA1086 Water Based Lay Flat Cold Glue Adhesive

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Product Details:

  • Type: Modified starch based adhesive.
  • Viscosity: 4000-4400 cps @ 85°
  • Solids: 58.5 - 62.5 %
  • Density: 11.5 lbs/gallon
  • pH : 7.0 - 9.0
  • Color: Light tan
  • Shelf life: 90 days. DO NOT FREEZE.
  • FDA Status: meets composition requirements of indirect food additives Regulation 21 CFR 1475.105 "ADHESIVES".
Available in one gallon jugs, five gallon pails with spout, and drums.