GIA1159 Water Based Polymeric AdhesiveWater Based Cold Glue1
GIA1159 Water Based Polymeric AdhesiveAvailable in drums2

Compatible With:

GIA1159 is compatible with cold glue roll coaters, automatic and manual cold glue applicators, and standard pressure pots and pumps.

GIA1159 Water Based Polymeric Adhesive

GIA1159 is a water based polymeric adhesive exhibiting water solubility with strong films and no water resistance when dry.


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GIA1159 Cold Glue Water Based Polymeric Resin Adhesive

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Product Details:

  • Viscosity (cps): 12,000 @ 85°F
  • Solids (%): 13.5
  • pH: 6.00
  • Type: modified synthetic resin
  • Color: white
Available in one gallon jugs, five gallon pails with spout, and drums