Glue Timer-9 Basic (Adhesive Pattern Controller)1
Glue Timer-9 Basic (Adhesive Pattern Controller)2
Glue Timer-9 Basic (Adhesive Pattern Controller)3
Glue Timer-9 Basic (Adhesive Pattern Controller)4
Glue Timer-9 Basic (Adhesive Pattern Controller)5
Glue Timer-9 Basic (Adhesive Pattern Controller)EconoGun with Glue Timer-9 Basic6
Glue Timer-9 Basic (Adhesive Pattern Controller)7
Glue Timer-9 Basic (Adhesive Pattern Controller)8
Glue Timer-9 Basic (Adhesive Pattern Controller)9
Glue Timer-9 Basic (Adhesive Pattern Controller)ezGluer Z Gluer Gun PVA 1.5 Timer10
Glue Timer-9 Basic (Adhesive Pattern Controller)11

Compatible With:

Hot melt or cold glue systems. Electric or Pneumatic compatible.

Glue Timer-9 Basic (Adhesive Pattern Controller)

Pattern controller for hot melt or cold glue adhesive systems.


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Cycling Dots with EconoMelt1 Glue Squirt Package2

Product Details:

  • Exceptional value for controlling packaging machine adhesive patterns.
  • Hot melt or cold glue pneumatic valve compatible.
  • Test mode and manual mode for maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Great value for accurate controlling glue patterns.
  • Operates hot or cold pneumatic glue valves (3 amp DC max) all brands.
  • "On-the-fly" program adjustments.
  • Easy to use - all instructions on the front panel.
  • Runs 4 events for each pattern-timing adjustable from 0.001 to 9.999 seconds in 0.001 second increments.
  • Stores 9 programs in memory - even when powered down.
  • Built-in test/purge button.
  • Sealed buttons keep out dirt and debris.
  • Can be activated by NPN or PNP send or dry contact switch closure.
  • Safe low voltage unit - runs on 24 volts DC, power supply included.
  • All wiring is on an external, finger-save connector for plug and play operation.
This adhesive pattern controller is a simple to use and highly accurate glue pattern controller. It allows "on-the-fly" pattern adjustments, 9 stored programs, and an "econo" mode. "Econo" mode allows one button activation of 50% or 30% glue savings. This pattern controller proudly combines the user friendly simplicity (instructions are on the front panel) with advanced features. Imagine cutting your hot melt usage by 30% or 50% with one 15 minute installation.


Glue Timer – 9 Basic

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