Hot Coat™ 7 Industrial Hot Melt Roll Coater

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Product Info:

Industrial 7" Hot Melt Roll Coater with exposed coating wheel for the precise coating of blocks of material such as foam or wood with hot melt adhesive. Hot Coat™ Hot Melt Coaters ensure product quality, accelerated production speeds, long term operation with minimal maintenance and operator-friendly ergonomics.

Heated tank and heated wheel offer exact adhesive temperature and viscosity and no "stringing" to ensure that quality hot melt coatings are applied. Maximum melt rate and variable speed drive maximize production speeds. Oversized drive motor, precision temperature controls and quality all steel components minimize maintenance. Compact machine design allows for easy operator access from all sides.

Product Details:

  • Variable Speed Motor Drive
  • Large Knurled Seperately Heated Coating Wheel for easy adhesive release to substrate with no stringing.
  • Easily adjustable hot melt coat weight on wheel.
  • Adjustable temperature  controls for melter.
  • Easy access to tank for removal of debris from substrates.
  • Parts and service available with one phone call.
  • 240V Single Phase, 2000 watts
  • Hot Coat 7/Plus/Hot Coat 12/Plus Power Requirements: 240VAC=8.3 amp/1ph/50-60Hz.
  • 7'8", 12 Gauge Power Cable Included to L620P Plug
 Item Machine Specifications
Power Supply Demand 220 VAC / 50-60 Hz
Power 2 KW
Net Weight 95 lb.
Size (L x W x H: inches) 18.5 x 17.5 x 18.5
Tank Capacity (lbs) 4.2 lb
Max Apply Width (inches) 7.086"
Max Substrate Viscosity .75"
Max Viscosity 20,000 CPS
Max Melt Rate 5.5 lb / hr

Compatible With:

Wide range of hot melt adhesives


Product Videos:

Demonstration Video - Hot Coat™ 7 Product Demonstration

Demonstration Video - Hot Coat™ 7 Product Demonstration

Demonstration Video - Carpet Edge Gluing

Demonstration Video - Coating EPS foam with fugitive adhesive.

Demonstration Video - Foam Brush Production

Demonstration Video - Protective Packaging