Hot Melt Slot Gun™EconoGun Slot Die with Hose and Solenoid1
Hot Melt Slot Gun™EconoGun Slot Die, 25mm Available in range of sizes2
Hot Melt Slot Gun™3
Hot Melt Slot Gun™4
Hot Melt Slot Gun™5
Hot Melt Slot Gun™2 Slot Nozzles Avail 7/8" and 1 1/8"6
Hot Melt Slot Gun™7
Hot Melt Slot Gun™8
Hot Melt Slot Gun™9
Hot Melt Slot Gun™10
Hot Melt Slot Gun™11
Hot Melt Slot Gun™Hot Melt Slot Gun with Adjustable Bracket12
Hot Melt Slot Gun™13
Hot Melt Slot Gun™Hot Melt Slot Gun Sheet Fed with Remoist 14
Hot Melt Slot Gun™Flat Ribbon Coating15

Compatible With:

Most Hot Melt Adhesives, Hoses, Pattern Controllers.

Hot Melt Slot Gun™

Precision narrow web slot die coating applicator for continuous and intermittent hot melt patterns.


Product Videos (Click to View)

1 2 3 Slot Gun on Sheet Feeder4 Slot Gun on Sheet Feeder5

Product Details:

  • Low cost hot melt slot die coating head
  • Coating widths from 1/16" wide to 1" wide
  • Coatings from .001" thick to .020 thick
  • Operated continuously or intermittently
  • Popular applicator for release liner coating with pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Very clean cut off with no adhesive "stringing".
  • 50 million+ module cycle life recorded.
  • Large internal filter with purge feature.
  • Multi Module Head available.


Hot Melt Slot Gun

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