N5 Hot Melt Handgun SystemWith N5 Hot Melt Tank and Hose1
N5 Hot Melt Handgun System2
N5 Hot Melt Handgun System3
N5 Hot Melt Handgun System4
N5 Hot Melt Handgun System5
N5 Hot Melt Handgun System6
N5 Hot Melt Handgun System7
N5 Hot Melt Handgun SystemAutomatic Hot Melt Tank Filling System8
N5 Hot Melt Handgun System9
N5 Hot Melt Handgun System10
N5 Hot Melt Handgun System11

N5 Hot Melt Handgun System

Industrial gear driven Melt On Demand hot melt tank with one 8’ flexible hose and DynaChamp handgun with .055” orifice nozzle Machine available in 120 or 240 V, can operate second hose and handgun, available to operate with DynaChamp Swirl Spray Handguns and hoses


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Product Details:

System N05
Hopper Capacity 10lbs( 5kg)
Operating Temperature 100 to 425°F(40 to 218°C)
Melt Rate (per hour)* 17.3lb/hr (8 kg/hr) ** Depends on hot melt
Pump Rate (per hour)* 2lb/min (.91 kg/min)
Gear Pump 1.5, 3.2, 4.5 & 10cc
Hose Output Zones 2
Temperature Control Stability ± 1°F (1°C)
Electrical Service Standard 100 to 120 VAC 1Phase 50/60 Hz or 240 V
Electrical Service Standard -
Working Viscosity 500 - 50,000cps
Dimensions N05
Height (H) 17.75in (45cm)
Depth (D) 21.25 in (54 cm)
Width (W) 11.38 in (29 cm)
Weight (empty) 60lbs (27 kg)
  • 10 lb capacity Melt On Demand tank 10-12 lb per hour melt rate
  • Operates with up to two hoses and guns
  • Precision temperature controls with zone readout
  • Constant speed gear pumps
  • 240 VAC-no compressed air required
Motor enable switch to turn on pump from DynaChamp handgun


N5 Hot Melt Handgun System

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