Shot Pot FAST ™ Carton Gluer


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Product Info:

This benchtop “handsfree” hot melt carton erector and sealer ensures quality packages are produced with a perfect hot melt bead on each carton, fast packaging with very simple operation, adhesive savings with a perfect glue bead and safe gluing with handsfree operation.

Product Details:

Simple Operation:

1. Position carton against guide rail.
2. Move left to right or right to left under nozzle and sensors
3. Fold full overlap flap and compress

System specs:

• 3 lb capacity melt tank
• 3 lb per hour melt rate
• System extrudes one bead of hot melt
• Adjustable flow and temperature
• Dual photo sensors in series ensure pattern always on carton

Compatible With:

Most standard hot melt adhesives.


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