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Compatible With:

Wide range of Glue Machinery Corporation™ systems and machines.

Product Manuals / Related PDFs:

V-Spray Valve Product Manual is available from Glue Machinery Corporation - 1-888-202-2468

V Spray Valve

Versatile double acting spray valve with a sealed tip and low air consumption.




Product Details:

  • Sealed tip design eliminates the possiblity of adhesive drying and plugging.
  • Diaphragm seal between fluid and air sections;  No packing or sliding seals to wear out, adjust or jam.
  • Low air consumption - "Spiral Air" design considerably reduces air consumption required for adhesive atomization.
  • Fully adjustable fluid volume and atomizing air controls.  Fluid adjustments may be locked at set positions.
  • Fully adjustable pattern width.
  • "Breakaway" disassembly - All internal parts are quickly accessible for ease of field maintenance.
  • Low Maintenance -Teflon coated air nozzle and spiral air minimizes the need for cleaning.
  • Metal parts are plated brass or anodized aluminum;  Stainless steel needle and fluid nozzle for long life.
  • All stainless steel fluid section available.
  • Double Acting "Air On - Air Off" actuation insures positive operation capable of high cycle rates.
  • Versatile actuator operates in any position.
  • Push fittings at all air and fluid input points for ease of installation and convenience.
Operating Air Pressure: 50-125 psi filtered, regulated, lubricated compressed air.
Atomizing Air Consumption: 1.5 – 3.0 (max) CFM
Actuation Air Consumption: 0.9in.³ / actuation at 80 psi operating pressure.
Maximum Cycle Rate: 20 actuations/sec. at 80 psi operating pressure.
Fluid Pressure: 1-30 psi
Product Distance to Pattern Width Ratio: Approximately 1: 1 ½
Construction: All wetted parts in brass spray valve assemblies consist of brass, stainless steel and UHMW polyethylene. All wetted parts in stainless steel spray valve assemblies consist of stainless steel and UHMW polyethylene.
Fluid Viscosity Range: 1-3000 centipoise


V Spray Valve

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